I love my new Mahala, but I made a mistake...

  1. I was so excited when I received my shipment from Saks today - but my order was not what I expected.

    I ordered a Mahala Liquid Patent Satchel in Plum and a Dior Vinyl Cannage Shoulder bag in Burgandy. I thought there would be enough of a color difference (Plum vs. Burgandy - hmmm), well there WAS NOT. The two are almost identical in color.

    I really like the Jimmy Choo (it is very close to the color I thought it would be) and I really like the Dior, but it is not the color I thought it would be. I was expecting to see more red, not so much purple.

    I am torn :confused1:

    I am thinking maybe I should return it and get a Burberry Patent Beaton in Berry Red - only problem with this is that I would have to see if my SA could order one for me since there are none in store.

    Attached is a pic - the Dior is beautiful, but I think I like the Jimmy Choo better. The pic was taken very quickly and I did not pose the bags or use a flash (took it with my iPhone, so the quality is not that great).

    Please post away with opinions.

    eta: I am posting under Dior too so I can get additional feedback
    choo dior.jpg
  2. Congrats both are BEAUTIFUL :yahoo:...... but you are right about not been much color diffence ...
  3. I know (about the colors) and I love both of the styles so much :crybaby: because the are so different.

    Since I am looking for something with more red, should I go with the Burberry? I would exchange the Dior for a black one - but I have so many black handbags.
  4. sbk212:
    Yeah...not much difference in the color. Here is my humble opinion. Other than the fact that both are obviously beautiful...does heft matter? I have the Dior lamb Cannage drawstring in large and it is much lighter than the Choo. Heft in a shoulder bag doesn't matter much to me, that's why I ordered a Mahala (it's not here yet :sad:) last Friday.

    To me, the Mahala is more elegant with the suede and patent. I think it could be dressed up or down. The Dior patent seems more casual...I wouldn't carry it with a suit. The Dior in burgundy patent says to me: "out with the girls, fun, party" , while the Mahala in plum liquid patent says "fall, warmth, take me with you anywhere."

    Different bags to me...can you exchange one for a different color???
  5. I can exchange it for a different color - but I am looking for something a little more red in a patent. I also have to be able to get it at Saks because I bought them and received the gift certificate last week.
  6. Both are Gorgeous:nuts:

    I would keep the Mahala and exchange the Dior:choochoo: but that is just my opinion (and I am very partial to the liquid patent Mahala;))

    Have you thought about the Shiny Red Ramona? That might be another option and then you could have your Red patent bag and still keep the Mahala:yahoo:
  7. Oooo Oooo - I have the shiny red Ramona. Yes, definitely get that one! Good call Robynbenz. It is a beautiful red...very saturated and in the blue-red family, as opposed the orange-red. I get many compliments everytime I wear it. The hardware is light gold and looks almost silver. The slick red leather also is available in the Riki and Rock styles.
  8. I do think the Mahala is much prettier than the Dior. Sorry, I am a true Choo lover:shrugs:The plum Mahala is an amazing choice that quite a few ladies here have been very happy with. As for the Burberry, I like the styles but think the patent tends to look a little plastic(sorry again, only my opinion). Robynbenz's suggestion for a bright red bag is perfect, if that is what you are looking for. The Shiny Ramona is so tempting!
  9. jburgh, please post pictures! I love that bag!
  10. ITA about the Jimmy Choo being much more pretty than the Dior - I bought the Dior to diversify my collection). I like the Ramona, it is just not available on Saks.com or in my Saks store, so I am limited on choices (I bought the bags with the GC event and received a $450 gc).

    Don't mind opinions at all, so please keep them coming.
  11. The Dior is basically a plastic bag. I wouldn't pay as much as they charge for that bag. If it was leather, that would be a different story. The JC is leather. No comparison.
  12. Oh I am keeping the JC - just need a replacement for the Dior.

    eta - I just re-read my original post and I should have clarified that I am keeping the JC and 'it' refers to the Dior (returning). Just am bummed about the color issue and need a replacement for the Dior that Saks carries.
  13. Haha, interesting!

    Dont be torn. Return the Dior, period. Its not nearly as nice.
  14. Dior is going back...

    As for the Ramona - is this the one mentioned?:



    My SA at Saks can order it but she keeps calling it slick calf (I thought the calf was not the Patent/Shiney/slick)? Does anyone have the SKU for the Red Ramona on JC's website linked above so that I can make sure she orders the right one?

    Also - if I order in store, can I use my ecg's to pay for the difference between the Dior and JC? She mentioned something about having to put it on my Saks card and then returning it and repurchasing it in order to use the ECG's??? Is that only if I order it over the phone?
  15. sbk212, your pictures are of the one we were all talking about. It is slick calf rather than patent. I'm not sure about the ECGs though.