I love my new Jenny Yuen Gatsby!

  1. I was trying to decide between an ANI and a Jenny Yuen a couple weeks ago ... got some advice from you all ... ended up going with the JY, in almond. It arrived the other day and is fabulous! :tup:

    I recommend it as a travel bag, take-to-work bag, all-around bag. It is rugged (slightly weathered look), but the leather is soft and squishy, and not as shiny as it appears on the JY site. Good size -- large enough for the usual stuff, files, a few books, pair of shoes -- but not too huge. Slit pockets front and back, two cargo pockets on side, large zip pocket in front, and inside two large PDA pockets and zip pocket. Hardware is shiny gold. Smells very leathery -- like horse tackle. Pale pink lining. See pics below ...
    IMG_0135_1.jpg IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0138.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag!
  3. Pretty!
  4. it's so pretty! congrats!
  5. Very, very pretty (and I was one of the Ani supporters! LOL!)!
  6. That's gorgeous!
  7. I don't think you'll be the only one who loves your new bag! Congratulations.
  8. YAY! i love that bag! such a fresh, cool shape!
  9. Oh, I'm so glad you went with the Jenny Yuen. And what a fantastic, lovely lining. It must have been a wonderful surprise. Congrats! :yes:
  10. ooh its a beauty!
    great looking bag.
    Is it heavy?
  11. No, that's the one thing I was worried about, but it's surprisingly light. I'm not good at guessing weights, but I'd say about 2 lbs? Definitely a day bag. Not garment-washed leather, but soft leather.
  12. Wow! That's gorgeous. I really like her other styles too. Good pick!
  13. Gorgeous bag!!!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. ooo very nice! never heard of that designer before, but i'll definitely have to check her stuff out.