i love my new j12s!!!

  1. hey ladies,
    i recently posted a thread about how great the j12 prices are here in the bahamas and I couldn't resist!! here are my two new babies, the 33mm white diamond bezel j12 and the 33mm black with diamond markers j12.
    the white was $8,075 and the black was $3910 without tax!! ($10,100 and $4850 at home I believe) so I saved about $4000 getting them here. I am in love with them both!! You guys definitely have to come visit the bahamas and bring yourself home a little souvenir or two!!

    sorry for the quality of the pics, i was in a hurry! these watches are much more stunning irl! which one is your favorite?
    IMG_5534.JPG IMG_5569.JPG IMG_5576.JPG IMG_5536.JPG
  2. Beautiful! Congrats on getting both.

    do they do charge sends?
  3. Wow! they are gorgeous! :love: Congrats! I just bought the bezel too and love it!
  4. oh wow, they are gorgeous! I never thought about getting the watches until I saw your's. Hmmmmm......
  5. [​IMG]





    Two J12 watches, that fabulous...i'm so envy as i'm also intend to buy one J12 watch in black but MM38 with diamond markers.

    U look great on them:love:
  6. You bought the exact two watches that I have.:lol:

    I paid about the same price you paid in the Bahamas because I got them before the last 3 increases.

    Congratulations. Which one are you going to wear first?
  7. Oh wow could I place an order by phone. Those watches are gorgeous. I want a J12 in black with diamond markers so bad. I would love a white with the diamond bezel but my pockets are not that deep yet. Congrats you are one lucky lady.
  8. I looked at the black one for myself a month ago, but I decided to wait. Anyway, both are beautiful and congrats on getting a deal!
  9. wow well done! too pretty! love the black one more thought. =)
  10. Well I'm so obsessive that I called John Bull's and they will not allow phone orders. I need to take a trip to the Bahamas.
  11. msjenn- Congrats both watches are gorgeous!!!!!:drool::yes:
  12. i love the white one with diamond bezel! woohooo would love to have that! hehe
  13. Love them both!
  14. You lucky girl!!! They're gorgeous!!!
  15. Congrats! Thanks for sharing with us. Yeah, my next vacation will be at Bahamas, can't beat the prices over there.