I love my new bag!

  1. Here she is... my new MJ Multipocket! :yahoo:

    e8_12.JPG DSC03221.jpg DSC03223.jpg

    Thank you to chloe.clementine and harlem_cutie (for authenticating the bag for me). :flowers:

    Also thank you to everyone in the "Multipocket Help" thread for your insight. I told you I'd let you all know if/when I took the MP plunge...

    I'm so glad I did! :love:
  2. Love the bag and the color!
  3. Yay, congrats! What is the name of the color?
  4. Love the color and style of the bag! Congrats!
  5. I believe that's Brick Red. =)
  6. Liya, this bag is beautiful! I'm so glad you finally got what you're looking for and I'm happy to help another PFers. Brick Red is a great color for Fall/Winter. Enjoy it! :yahoo:
  7. Thank you. :smile: I couldn't tell if it was brown or red.
  8. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  9. Gorge!
  10. Very pretty!!!! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful color and style.
  12. beautiful bag and great pics. This is def. brick red and we are now bag twins :smile:
  13. Bag twins, yay! :happydance:

    You've been so helpful. Thanks again.
  14. Oh it is gorgeous! Love the color! congrats on your purchase. It looks great on you.
  15. Wow, it's like the perfect size and color! I have MJ MP jealousy! Congrats!
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