I love my neverfull MM

  1. I have only had my Neverfull MM for 3 days buy have had nothing but compliments on this bag. No matter where I go I have been stopped and asked if this was the new bag called the Neverfull. Some women told me they were waiting to get theirs from ELuxury or Saks. A few asked if they could see inside and the ones who bought it were just waiting to get theirs. I have never had a reaction to a LV bag like this. It really is a comfortable bag and I think it will be my favorite. I think I could have been happy with the larger one, but maybe since it is supposed to come out in other designs I will get it. :yahoo:
  2. thats awesome :biggrin:
  3. i was actually going to stop by the LV boutique tonight and take at look at the neverfull gm and the batignolles. im trying to decide between the two. thanks for the positive feedback!
  4. how exciting, congrats.
  5. thats great - enjoy!
  6. That is so good enjoy.
  7. congrats. My neverfull pm.will come tomorrow.
  8. Congrats.
  9. How exciting. Thanks for sharing.
  10. What is so strange is that I never had anyone say something except "I like your bag" when I have carried other LV's. I am just amazed that people actually know the name of this bag and have said mine was the first one they saw.
  11. You make a compelling reason to get one! I guess this will be my next LV!
  12. Congrats - enjoy your new bag and the compliments.
  13. Congratz! I don't have one but I love this bag too! When it comes out in Damier I'm getting one!
  14. I just got the Neverfull MM also, congrats!
  15. I totally agree with you! I got mine today in the PM and I am totally loving it!! Congrats!!