I LOVE my Monogram Vernis Summit Drive Bag

  1. I have 3 LV bags and I constantly receive compliments on my MG Vernis Summit Drive bag in Amarante! This is the nicest LV bag I've owned!:rolleyes:
  2. Love that color, yay! Can you post pics?
  3. I love that bag too! I was contemplating getting it awhile back. I'd love to see some pictures!
  4. I have the same bag and I agree with you! It is one gorgeous bag!!! Congratulations!
  5. I'm a newbie. Can someone tell me know to post a photo? Many thank yous!!!
  6. im glad you like your bag!
    i think if you have a picture of the bag up onto your computer, you can click "go advanced" when you want to make a post, and there will be an upload section where you can upload the pictures,
  7. Hope pic is attached! I just received my Tivoli PM yesterday and included in photo as well. Thanks for your help!;)
  8. No wonder you receive so many complements - amarante is THE most gorgeous vernis color.
  9. I love your Summit too! It's gorgeous!
  10. This Forum is just GREAT! I wished I had known about it earlier! I love knowing I'm not alone in LV obsession!!! LOL!
  11. Very nice bags!! Congrats!!
  12. I didn't like this bag and Amarante when they first come out, but then I saw one IRL when I went to a hair salon and I was like it's TDF. It has class and sophistication.
  13. Oooh, the Summit Drive .... :drool:

    This bag is on my 2008 WishList.

    It is beautiful.

  14. Thanks for posting pics, I love the amarante color ... absolutely gorgeous, congrats again!
  15. Congrats, they're both beautiful.