I love my Louis Vuitton drawer boxes

  1. Okay so I have a number of LV drawer-style gift boxes, about six or seven small square size, one taller cube size, and two small agenda size. I use one of the agenda-sized ones for all my LV receipts, they fit great tucked into the little folders.

    I don't want to throw my empty boxes away, I would love to do something crafty with them on my desk, maybe use one for stamps, one for another small office supply, and so on.

    Does anyone else do this? And can you post pics? These boxes are so cute and sturdy it would be a shame to let them go to waste.
  2. I would love to do this idea aswell.
  3. I use them in 'barbies' room, where I also keep all my sunshine stuff...I will try and take some pics for you tomorrow when dh takes the boys to hockey :smile:
  4. I was thinking three stacked on top of each other alongside three more (6 total) and stuck together with some glue would make a cute miniature crafts bureau. Hmm.

    I wonder if my SA would hook me up with a few of these for free... she and I have a very good relationship.
  5. I love them too!!!! I was mad when my SA gave me this big flat drawer one and put 2 scarves in it...LOL...I like the smaller agenda size ones! I have this cubby hole system in my new closet...my goal is to fill them all up with little drawer boxes!
  6. OMG we just did this yesterday,I have about 20 boxes, yesterday my bf lined them up and said he was going to make me a jewelry box, stacking them up by size . WE stacked them but didnt glue them yet, I am scared to,isnt that silly. i must be super anal . I cant even use the boxes for somethin that would hold all of my accessories.
  7. sounds like a great idea to make them into a little drawer set! too bad I only have a couple drawer boxes! I use one for receipts the other I don't even know where it is =(
  8. I have about 7, and just have them stacked on a shelf.. I hide things in them :smile: But like you when i had 2 or 3 I had them on my desk :biggrin:
  9. I just have a lot of different sized ones stacked up in a corner of my room. I kept as many as I could (I have a bunch in the larger boxes), then just shoved the rest in my parent's closet.
  10. that's a great idea!... stack and make them into little drawers
    there are alot of ideas you can get from magazines on crafts and cards. Think it will be satisfying to make one yourself. **thumbs up
  11. I have them shoved in a drawer. I should get them out and stack them in my closet.
  12. I have 5 and I use them to store my jewelry in.
  13. I wish I had the room to display them ;)
  14. I keep the accessories in them! I wouldn't be able to throw them away either!
    My best friend and I use the old bag to carry things back and fourth to eachothers houses and stuff. LOL!
  15. I don't throw any of mine away, but give them to friends that have lots of uses for them.
    DH almost passed out when I gave then away!!