I Love my Lady Dior

  1. yike My Lady Dior just got delivered.

    And was soo well packaged with the original box and extra dustbag lol.

    Its absolutely gorgeous


    Just double check if it really real!! I cant believe my eyes lol

    was also wondering why my inside zip pull doesnt have a tag :sad:
  2. its really real!!!!:drool: hun she is gorgeous more pics ( modelling :graucho:? ) !

    and bigger bigger pics please !
  3. lol I just put her away will have to take some more later with the whole Dior family. .... cant believe it was really brand new....

    I am supposed to be on a ban :sweatdrop:

    pours Nat a glass of red wine!

    OK lets drink up and forget about are troubles
  4. nobody has to know ...you are still on a ban, this is just delayed pre ban purchase, hun !
  5. LOL yes your right!!!

    ooh I bet Chic has gone to sleep now?
    Did she say it was like 10pm there
  6. yeah i am one hour later than you and she is like hours ahead ,...its midnight in sydney now...:yes:
  7. ooh you not in Ireland yet??
  8. ok this is bigger

  9. going there next Wednesday hun....aww isnt it the most gorgeous bag, congrats babycakes :yes::drool::heart:
  10. O:huh:o purdddy lil thing. I believe all bans should be lifted because it's close to Xmas and we all deserve a little treat because we've been good this year, right girls? :wlae:

  11. you couldnt be more right hun LOL ! :tup:
  12. WOW your Lady Dior looks awesome!!! Congratulations!
  13. wow, did you score it on eBay? it's brand new!
  14. congrats!
  15. I totally agree, I feel like wrapping the bag up and opening it on christmas day - its a gift to myself :roflmfao:
    ooh cool, thanks again!
    thank you I jsut cant believe how pretty it looks in person.
    yeah new came with the whole works box, and everything. was listed on eBay - seller had reserve but sold to me after all for a very nice price!

    thanks :tup: