I love my hair long, but hate it in my face!

Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
My hair is pretty close to being back to its long length again which I love. I wear my hair pretty straight, except for some waves/body near the ends. My hair is strange because its thick, but doesnt get thick until it gets about half way down my head. So, when the top half of my hair is straight and styled, its so thin and light, I cant keep it out of my face! This results in me constantly brushing it out of my face and after a few hours, my hair looks like crap because of my hands constantly in it. My shortest layer is just a bit lower than my ears.

Of course I know that hairspray would usually hold it, but I dont like the stiff hair look. I see plenty of people that have long hair that even when they move their head around, you can see their hair move, but it doesnt automatically fall into their face. Because of my thick hair, my face tends to also get absorbed by my hair if it starts to get into my face and is not an attractive look lol

So, right now the only thing I use is some heat protectant spray after I shower. Does anyone have any ideas of 1) additional products that I can use that will keep my hair a bit more in place without being stiff and/or 2) suggest any different methods of styling that would help? Thanks


Loving the BB
May 13, 2009
I have a similar problem because the way my hair parts it ends up all in my face. Do you have layers in the front? I pull the sides back and pin it with a pretty clip or berrete or do a half pony with the top half and leave the back long. Its a soft pretty look that is really comfortable and your hair still has the long look but its off the face. I have been thinking of trying the "bumpits" for the front to do a new twist on this hairstyle.

P.S. Love your dog :biggrin:


Jan 12, 2006
you could dry it with a styling lotion {lotion has a soft hold} and pin it off your face until it's dry or while you sleep to "train" it away.
What about headbands or pretty clips? I keep my thick hair long too and also cannot stand it in my face, mine is clipped back all the time.
Anthropologie has the cutest little clips.


in the untamed rabbit hole
May 25, 2006
hair in face and eyes is the worst! that's why I use headbands a lot.