I love My Flat In London

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  1. I think the rhinestones are too much.....a tiara on a bag?:blink:No, sorry a candleabra on a bag?
  2. It sure makes a statement. Not a bag for me.
  3. Its alright looking, would look cute on an HS girl.
  4. Quite cute, appeals to the diamond-and-pink loving princess inside of me :smile:
  5. I like it, but too girlie, in my humble opinion.
  6. I like their argyle-patterned bags. I am a sucker for anything argyle.
  7. me too i like argyle. this bag is cute and very prissy!
  8. hmmm... am i the only one who thought kat was moving to england?
  9. Lol@jj!
  10. I thought that too at first, and then I realized that it was the brand....:blink:
  11. Yes yes, I love the brand My Flat In London. :smile:
  12. their bags tend to be a little too....much....for me, but they definately have their own unique style, which i always respect.
  13. cute ......
  14. My Granddaughter would love it!! I would personally REALLY like to have a flat in London!!!!!!