I love my first wedding anniversary gift from DH!

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  1. As some of you may know, I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking for opinions/feedbacks on choosing a band to stack with my current wedding set. DH and I went to look at bands last week and he insisted that I leave my current set alone and purchase a ring for my right hand. Therefore, he chose this beautiful VCA two butterfly between the finger ring. He loved this ring ever since I tried it on a year ago (at that time it was with yellow sapphires), but when he saw it with the pink sapphires, he knew this was what he wanted to give to me for our first year anniversary. He knows I love pink because our wedding color was pink. :graucho: Love DH so much! :heart:

    Thank you to everyone who has given me all the wonderful feedbacks and thanks for letting me share. :hugs:

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  2. it's so pretty! congrats and happy 1st anni!
  3. Very pretty. Happy Anniversary!
  4. OMGoodness it's fabulous! LOVE it, enjoy!
  5. Absolutely beautiful ring and it looks stunning on you. I love everything, especially the pink sapphires. Thanks for sharing. May your future anniversaries be filled with lots of bling too.
  6. Thank you, kim_mac! :hugs: Your guess was right, but I wanted to keep it a secret until I actually got the ring. :graucho:
  7. It's stunning! Looks perfect on your hand! Congratulations!
  8. How pretty :smile: Congratulations
  9. Thank you!

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you for your compliments! Haha...same to you! ;)
  10. Gorgeous...love the pink, too!
  11. So pretty! congratss:lol:
  12. Gorgeous!! your DH has amazing taste :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful!!! Looks really gorgeours on you. Congrats on your 1st anni!!!
  14. Absolutely stunning! Congrats :smile:
  15. Happy anniversary!!! The ring is absolutely beautiful!!!