I LOVE my first Louboutins - Wallis Platform Mary Janes :)

  1. Gotta hand it to this board to enable me. I was looking through the Louboutin photo thread and I just had to go out and get my first pair! Welcome Super Wallis Platform Mary Janes! I am so crazy about them and still can't believe I actually own a pair. Now the question is: How hard is the break-in for these? =\ That's the part I'm afraid of (eek). Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! I've worn them around the house today with thick socks so that seems to be helping them stretch. Also, I am thinking of slapping some non-slip pads on the soles to help with grip, but I am hesitant to cover up that signature red sole! Help!

    P.S. Do these run small? I usually wear a 6.5 but these are a 7 and fit well...

  2. gorgeous beyond word. Use foot petals clear sole stoperz for the bottom.
  3. ah, i just bought foot petals AND sole stopperz today (they only came in black :sad:)! but yes, I am having a hard time covering up that red sole! it is too pretty to be covered lol. but then again, i do need to walk well in these... what do y'all think? would you stick black non slip pads on a CL sole? or should i go back and try to find the clear pads?
  4. i wouldn't put anything on the soles, but that's just me. if you really need to then look for clear pads. i love the shoes, they're to die for.
  5. thank you :smile:
    ok, i'll head back to get clear! (i probably saw the clear today and mistook them for white :push:smile:
  6. OMG! The mary janes are TDF! :love:Congrats!
  7. thank you fashion_guru! i am just nuts about them!!! i hope i will be able to wear them without much pain :yes: but from the reports of others around here with CL's, i have faith that these will turn out to be comfy as well. *fingers crossed*
  8. if u don't find 'em buy 'em off eBay thats where i get 'em from
  9. Yummy!!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous!:smile:
  11. beautiful, i would get them if the heel was lower. . .i'm very clumsy
  12. I love them! looks great on u!
  13. Tdf!!!!
  14. thank you all :heart:
  15. these are lovely! you'll be wearing those for a long time.
    congrats on the purchase :tup: