I love my Edith!!!

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  1. I was so worried that I wasn't going to love the Edith when it got here because of some of the posts I've read, but I LOVE it!! It's not wrinkled up and it smells scrumptious!!

    Took this picture at work, so sorry for the ugly background.

  2. Lovely bag. Love the smell for all Chloe bags.:biggrin:
  3. Thanks, Chloe concord!
  4. Oooohhhh! Congrats! She looks beautiful! I think the Edith is the most photogenic of all Chloe bags. Have you taken her out for a spin yet?
  5. BalenciagaLove: Thank you! Still stuck at work, so maybe later, if DH is up to it.
  6. Gorgeous! Is that Whiskey or Chocolate?
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. I think it looks like Whiskey for me.:love:
  9. Roey, SerenitySue: Thank you!

    It is Whiskey, but it's darker than my whiskey paddy.
  10. Congrats, enjoy!
  11. conseco31: Thanks!
  12. Gorgeous! I received my Edith last week and I have to say, it doesn't have character like yours. I'm thinking about returning it because it doesn't do anything for me. But I hope you enjoy her b/c she's a beauty!
  13. Looks beautiful, jehaga, enjoy!
  14. I received my Edith last week too and love her. She has a special feeling and classy image that I love.
  15. i recieved mine today, and i am in love as well. i just know i will use this bag for a very long time.
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