I love my E/W Baywater....

  1. I had this delivered last week as you all know....
    I absolutely love it...It looks great and best of all, it's the lightest Mulberry bag yet!!
    I had a car accident 2 years ago and suffer with my neck still. I find the Annies and Phoebes great but struggle if wearing them all day, I love my Ledburys as they are hand held but awkward when shopping, but the E/W is Buffalo leather and I can wear it all day with no probs, it's so light .....
    So anyone with a neck/back problem, it's ideal.:tup::tup::tup::tup:
  2. Aw it's a lovely feeling when you get a bag that you are sooo totally chuffed with. I've not seen one IRL but its looks such a gorgeous bag and a handier size than the bays! Hope your neck gets better soon xx
  3. Sounds like you've found your ideal Mulberry - enjoy !!
  4. Still eyeing up the Somerset tote in black though!!!!
  5. It's a great feeling when you find a bag that suits you in every way. Enjoy!
  6. I'm so glad you're enjoying your E/W Rachiem! I love love love mine, and I'm so glad to hear that you think it's a good choice for people with bad backs. I've had a ton of surgery on my back so I can't carry a heavy bag, but I'm fine with my E/W too :smile: It's like the perfect bag for me - it fits all my junk, and doesn't look too big on me - it's just lovely!

    I love the colour of your bag....I'd definitely have bought that in the sale if I didn't already have it in oak :love:
  7. I missed out :crybaby:

  8. Happy to hear you're enjoying your new bag!

    Hope your neck will get better over time.

    Mine arrived last Thursday, I haven't used it yet as I need to get some Collonil and protect it. (Thanks Chaz for the instructional pics. Will use spray OUTSIDE)
  9. Hi!
    I've never bought a Mulberry before, but I really love the Large Bayswater and the Maxi Mabel and I'm thinking about buying one of them. I have a question to you guys... Do you think the Bayswater is too "dressy"? I'd really appreciate if you could give some opinions! :yes:
  10. Rachiem - Did you buy it from the outlets?
  11. I love the bays ,the oak , choco are less dressy than the patent ones.
  12. Dexter, this is an old thread. I seem to remember that Rachie bought this bag in the Jan sales, but has since sold it on to Riff.

    Hi Fabs - I love the large Bayswater, great choice. It is big though, did you want to use it as a 'handbag', or have you got loads to haul around? The maxi mabel is gorgeous too - again another huge bag.

    Out of the two, I think that Bayswater is more classic - could look more formal than mabel, but looks equally cool dressed down :supacool: In answer to your question, I don't think it looks too dressy at all. Either would be a great choice actually, just personal preference re the style. Keep us posted!
  13. Alycat, soon I'll start working, so I want a bag that can carry lots of things, since I also study. I think I'll go for the Bayswater, since it's my fav and I do like its classic look. Was a bit worried about it being too dressy, because I'm more casual and would use it as a daily bag. Thanks a lot for your insight! ;)
  14. Good luck with the purchase Fabs!

    Just read my post back from this morning. Blimey, how rude did my first line sound??!! Firstly, sorry to be speaking for you both Rachie and Riff.

    Also Dexter, I thought I read that you commented about Riff having bought one recently, hence my post. Very confused now, but just wanted to appologise if it came across as a bit sharp and busybody-ish :upsidedown:
  15. yes bought in the sale but never got round to using it!! (Remember all the confusion with the price drops etc, I ordered another at the cheaper price and despite asking to cancel original item, I ended up with 2 being delivered!!) which I couldn't be bothered to return, so managed to sell the first one on eBay for a small profit and never got round to using the 2nd one, all very confusing but I was still madly in love with my Annie!!