I love my DH!!!

  1. I'm so spoiled... his birthday is this Thursday but he just bought me a pretty! We were wondering around Macy's and came across a ring on pre-sale, a .50 carat 3 stone ring (Nothing gigantic i'm a small ring kind of gal), I tried it on and it looked so sparkly and fabulous on my hand! I can't get it til the 17th when the ring actually goes on sale, but here is one that looks like it:

  2. Very pretty, and what a thoughtful hub!
  3. aww that's so sweet! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous!!
  5. What a sweet DH!
  6. i love sweet dh stories like this..congrats!
  7. Lucky Girl!
  8. That's a great ring!
  9. The ring is beautiful. What a sweet DH!
  10. Beautiful. Early congrats!
  11. That's so beautiful! He's so sweet!!
  12. How sweet of him ! :yes:
  13. Very pretty! I am sure that you are excited to get it!
  14. so sweet!
  15. awwww....too sweet! spoil him rotten!