I love my day bag! but is it bordeaux or grenat? Help!

  1. Hi ladies, I bought a day bag from a consignment store, and I love it:yes: I didn't think I would like this style but it's definitely growing on me! The only thing is that the mirror didn't come with tassels, so I decided to call Balenciaga NY and order some grenat tassels, thinking it's probably a grenat bag rather than a bordeaux.

    I got the tassels, but they look slightly different than the rest of my bag. The new tassels are all very shinny, where as the old ones are almost all matte except for one small section one one side of one tassel. I was hoping to "ID" my bag when I make a comparison, but I just can't tell.

    My bag is not very shinny like some of the grenat bags I have seen posted, although it does have a nice luster. It's very thick and soft like the 05 bags, but I thought the fall 06 bags changed from the thin leather of the spring 06 collection back to the older thick leather. My bag is not veiny at all, and I wouldn't really call it distressed like my other bags, it looks more "pebbled" than anything else.

    The new tassels looks slightly more red, the old more purple, and the only major thing I noticed was that the new tassels has a red color along the raw leather edge where as the old ones looks white. For those ladies who have a grenat bag, does your tassels have that red color?

    If anyone can give me some insight, I would very much appreciate it!:yes: I have attached some pictures, please take a look:yes:
    day 001.JPG day 003.JPG day 005.JPG
  2. i've had two 05 bordeauxs before, and they both had tassels which had the exposed white leather. your bag photographs almost like a grenat, but the leather on the mirror definitely makes it look bordeaux. sounds you got a bordeaux with new grenat tassels, imho.
  3. It really looks more grenat to me...:confused1: More importantly, though - it's gorgeous!!! What a great find, polar! Amaaazing leather.
  4. congrats, polar! your first photo reminds me of 04 marron. it must be grenat as another pf'er mentioned her grenat looked similar to the 04 marron...and might i add, gorgeous leather! i love distressed leather...
  5. Congrats on the gorgeous bag! It looks like grenat to me.
  6. thanks *jennifer*, I was thinking the same thing, but luckily the colors blends in so well together that they look great even though they may be different colors:yes:

    thanks LP, yes the leather is really beautiful, not too veiny, not too smooth, I think it has a lot of character! Thanks for the atelier.naff site, I knew about the site long before I know about the purse forum (from browsing eBay listings), and it has really been my bible on balenciagas! I am sure you have heard it many times over, but THANK YOU!!:love:

    thanks odd, I would love to have a 04 marron (if only my day bag was one) ! I am still on the search for one, I think it has more brown to it? :p

    thanks citychris, so I am back to square one? :yes: that's okay, whatever color it is, I still love her!:heart:
  7. By the way, I for got to mention the picture of the tasselson the left are the new ones ( on the mirror) and the ones on the right are the old ones. Looks only slightly different in color:smile:
  8. I own a grenat city bag and my tassels have red/pink sides... I have never been able to tell bordeaux from grenat on photos tho... Maybe there were grenat tassels with white edges and some with red edges??
  9. ^^ ditto, congrats!!! :party:
  10. def grenat. BEYOND stunning! Major drools.:drool: What a great find.
  11. It does photograph like a grenat - but its still hard to say for sure. I have a Bordeaux day bag and the edges weren't white, but I know some people's were. Are there any purple tones in the bag at all? The bordeaux is definitely a winey/purpley red.
  12. Beautiful!:love:Congrats!:yes:
  13. I have a Grenat City so that bag of yours is definitely Grenat.

    Congrats, great colour!
  14. I am pretty sure that it is grenat - my bordeaux looks much more like red wine:yes:
  15. My grenat parttime has the red along the raw sides of the tassels and the bordeaux purse has a lighter color on the edges