I love my Coach store!

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  1. Today I brought my gathered Madison clutch I got during the PCE back to the store. I decided that clutch bags are not really for me, it's awkward and I am always paranoid that someone might snatch it out of my hand.

    My SAs are so nice, my fav SA was not there and I knew it was her birthday yesterday so I asked them if she is having fun on her vacation and they said she is coming in later today and actually doesn't leave till next week for vacation. We had talked about her vacation and realized that her birthday (yesterday) was on the same day as my wedding anniversary. So I was really suprised when the SA who is helping me with my return suddenly asked if we had a good anniversary celebration yesterday. That was really sweet of her to remember. The store manager came over and we all started chatting.

    They are all really nice and makes going into the store such a fun experience. Since my fav SA was coming in later, I went to the cupcake store and bought her a cupcake for her birthday. They take such good care of me, hope this little cupcake makes her day too!
  2. How sweet of you! I enjoy reading about these GREAT experiences, too :amuse:
  3. I love this story. Gives me some good ideas for what I should do at my FP boutique. The manager, asst managers and SAs are all so kind and helpful to me. I adore them all! Time for me to find a cupcake store, or something along those lines, to let them know how great they are!

    (PS I also wrote a letter to corporate in August, as the staff/mgmt there REALLY deserved it. And I hope it got the DMs attention, as they all deserve recognition at this store!)
  4. Yes there are some great Coach SAs out there who love the bags as much as we do and work hard everyday to provide excellent customer service to us. I know my fav SA worked till 1am the day of the changeover to the new floorset. Kudos to them!!