I love my boyfriend!!!!

  1. Hey Ladies!! My boyfriend went to the Coach store on his lunchbreak today and bought me something!! I'm so excited to see what it is! I dont get to see it until tonight when I go to his house, but I'll post pics when I get home!!! Yayayayay!!!! :heart::yahoo:
  2. Awww, he is so sweet. I bet you are so excited. Can't wait to see pics.
  3. Oh wow, that is so sweet.
    Does he have a brother? hehehe
  4. Lol, he as 3 actually! But one is taken..he's dating someone named Lisa too! I'm sooo excited! He gets off work in one hour!
  5. what a good bf!!! show us pictures!
  6. what a sweet BF!, congrats post pix asap! =]
  7. awhhhh how cute :smile: Post the pics sooon soon
  8. Wow - he sounds like a keeper! Be sure to let us know what you get!
  9. Congrats! How sweet!
  10. he's :heart:a keeper!:yes: so where's the pix??
  11. That's so sweet!