I love my boyfriend but.....

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  1. sometimes he gets a little excited and doesn't read the "small print". He asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him a Burberry umbrella -- a large one since it has been raining like the Dickens here in the Bay Area. Well he surprised me today by giving me one of my presents -- the Burberry umbrella.

    However, when I looked at the tag, I realized he gave me this on:

    Burberry - Ladies Stick Umbrella - Saks.com

    The Ladies Walking Umbrella -- which I find to be funny since I am a guy. But in any case, I love the umbrella's shining frame but am curious if it is a bit too "girly". My bf tries hard and I love that he even remembered -- however, I am not sure if I want to walk around town with a woman's umbrella.

  2. Exchange it?
  3. I think I am going to exchange but I am still a bit in shock with the latest gift he just gave me -- I am shaking a bit over it......a LV shopping spree. So yeah the umbrella seems trival now that he went all out with the other stuff. WOW!
  4. I think it's fine! If I saw a guy walking around with one, I wouldn't think it was too girly at all. I want a Burberry umbrella too.
  5. Dude, you're kidding, right? That's not "girly" at all! My hubby and I agree: NOT GIRLY! Hubby says: "honestly, I can't think of one guy that looked at somebody's umbrella and said 'that's girly'"! I say, if I saw a man carrying that umbrella, I'd think he was quite dapper...and rich.

    Merry Christmas!:kiss:
  6. aww how sweet of him! i don't think its "girly" at all. plus i tend to keep all my gifts from my boyfriend no matter how bad they are for sentimental reasons (a weird looking crystal christmas tree from 2 years ago).
  7. It's not girly at all! Now if your bf would have bought you an umbrella with flowers all over it, that would be girly! BTW, your bf sounds like a sweetie, I don't think I had a BF that would spend that much on me until I met my DH.
  8. don't exchange it!!! unless you know you won't use it, it is a fantastic wonderful gift!
  9. I love the silver handle! NOT girly at all!
  10. I like the umbrella. If you're uncomfortable with it, then you should exchange it. But... what I want to know is what'd you get from LV?!?!? :graucho::nuts:
  11. just because it is described as a "ladies" item doesn't make it any more or less feminine. it's just an umbrella and looks perfectly unisex to me.

    personally though i'm not too big on the novacheck at all... i have a small collection of animal print umbrellas (and you think this one's girly!??) and a westwood [​IMG]
  12. Don't return it, you'll regret it later in life and no that pattern is NOT too girly at all!!!! I love it, it's the thought that counts!!!
  13. It isn't girly at all. It's a keeper imo
  14. I love that umbrella and it is not girly at all!!!! So jealous that your bf is so generous! Happy LV shopping.
  15. no way