I Love My Betty!!!!

  1. Thank you for everyone who helped me get my beloved Betty!!! Here she is along with some other bags I got these past two weeks. She's a little camera shy. :heart: :love: I will try to take better pictures of her later, but I picked her up today and wanted to share.

    Thanks again so much, Roey, Jag, Girlsgottashop, Girlie and everyone else who understand my affliction! :flowers:
    My Betty.JPG May bags.JPG
  2. I LOVE it, BL!!!! I also LOVE your blue Gaucho! I'm so happy that you got your Betty. It's sooooooooo pretty in that color!
  3. What a gorgeous Betty! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous! Your latest additions are all TDF!!
  5. She's beautiful! Congrats, BL!!! That latest collection of yours is looking mighty fine! :love:
  6. Your Betty truly is beautiful:love: Looks like you had a great shopping month!
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo:Finally!!!! Balenciaga Love I am so so happy for you - welcome to the betty club!!! Your betty is truly spectacular! Congrats:flowers:

    I just used mine the other day and got several compliments, of course my betty preened like a peacock!!!!!
  8. Awww, thank you!!! You guys are so sweet! It's been a great month! I have one more bag on the way. I have to say that the Betty was the icing on the cake that I was missing!!! I know it looks like a gym bag, but I love it so much! I must be crazy!!
  9. Oooooooooo and love the other bags too - especially the balenciaga - is it rouille? YUMMY!
  10. She's lovely! And looooove the blue gaucho ALOT!
  11. Congrats on your Betty! The Ivory is a great color! Did you get the medium size?
  12. Your Betty is To die for! What a great summer into winter white bag. Black and white is hot for Fall - you'll be right in step!
  13. Safin - That is the medium Spring 06 size, which is the large for the Summer 06. Gotta love Chloe's consistencies!! :roflmfao:
  14. Wow - what fabulous additions to your collection! Betty is gorgeous!
  15. absolutely amazing! she's ready for her closeup!