I love my bags!!


What do you think about lesser brands?

  1. I love bags...It makes no difference

  2. I prefer nicer brands but if I like something I buy it...

  3. Style and trend is all that matters

  4. LV and Gucci parking only...

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  1. HI everyone!!

    I am going to be honest with you... I don't have that many expensive bags like alot of you girls have...But I have ALOT of cheaper purses.
    Brands like Guess, Express, Minicci, Rosetti, Nine West... You get where I am going with this I suppose... I really love purses for the sake of fashion and value rather than brand or price. I guess you can say that I have an allowance and I'd rather buy alot of cheaper trendy and sassy looking bags rather than a few LV's or Chanels... I am just a little modest and it makes me wonder if there is other girls out there like me that are afraid to show their collections because of modesty... I hope you all like what I have to offer ;)

    I do have a few expensive bags...

    Francesco Biasia secret love hobo
    Francesco Biasia satchel hobo
    Lulu Guiness charm bag

    Thats as pricey as I get...LOL.

    The rest are other smaller brands...
    FrnBaisaSml1.jpg FrnBaisaSml2.jpg FrnBaisa1.jpg FrnBaisa2.jpg guessD1.jpg guessD2.jpg guessHilton1.jpg guessHilton2.jpg lulu1.jpg purses.jpg
  2. I absolutely love your bags w/ the plaited handle, very nice :love:
  3. Very cute collection!

    When I was younger, I was like you and bought mostly the less expensive brands. My preference was to have lots of cute purses than just a few of the more expensive ones.

    Now that I'm in my 30s (and have more money), I've started buying the higher end brands. But I still buy the less expensive brands when I see something I like, especially if it's more "trendy".
  4. you have a good collection so far.... and same here, I had tons of Nine west bags almost 9 mos ago...
  5. Love the collection :smile:
  6. you've got a great collection! I buy non designer brands as well...if I love it, I'll get!
  7. Thank you soooo much I feel relieved that you girls like my collection.

    LOL thanks...
  8. hey! you have beautiful purses!
  9. I'll have more to post soon... These are just a few I could get together. I have to clean out the closet this coming week.

    Again, thanks for all the nice comments ;)
  10. YOu have a very nice collection,the guess handbags you own are cute and I think Nine West has great selections of handbags.:yes:
  11. It's awesome that you actually brought that up.. and that you're proud of that, it gets pretty intimidating sometimes seeing all these ladies with their :nuts: purses on tPF...i know i feel that way a lot :shame:.
    i love all kinds of purses, with the exemption of some hideous bad quality ones of course...i dont think there's anything wrong with banana republic or roots or something like that...they're still really prettyyy bags :love:
    however, there're many ppl i know who can't afford and still want to seem like they can and try to pass up a fake for a real one... now THAT, is skanky.:Push:
    more power to you! :flowers:
  12. Nice collection, I like the Francesco Biasas. I have lots of Kenneth Cole, Guess, etc... bags too I really don't use them much though, I figure I shoud get some use out of the ones I have paid a lot of money for. :shame: Do yourself a favor and put off buying a LV or whatever for as long as you can because once you get started there is no turning back! :yes:
  13. Cute collection. ;)
  14. Nice collection, it's good that you buy what you think is reasonable. I still have cheaper brands on my collection.
  15. Nice! I love bags of all prices too.