i love mono, and i love it even more because of today...

  1. my dd was playing with my planner and she sniffed the flowers and pointed and said, 'star' at the stars. i was so impressed and i just loved the mono pattern even more. silly, but it has a special meaning to me to see that my dd likes it, too!
  2. awww, priceless. how old is your dd?
  3. how cute!
  4. So sweet! Kids can totally make things so much better!
  5. so cute!!
  6. almost 2!
  7. how precious ~ enjoy every moment!! she will be a well educated lv lover.;)
  8. What a sweet story! You both admire LV :heart:
  9. oh, and dont forget, too, there are 2 letters of the alphabet kids can learn on your bags !! lol
  10. Aw how cute!
  11. aww that is so sweeeeeeet
  12. Hehe that's funny. I should teach my 2 year old son that. :p
  13. :tup:
  14. cute! how adorable
  15. awww that's so adorable :smile: