i love me some bags :)

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    this wallet was actually the first Chanel piece that i ever owned. my hubby (bf at the time) gave it to me for our 2nd christmas together and though i completely loved it, at the time i was appalled that a wallet would cost $800. i wonder how much these cost now?
  2. i bought this smaller Chanel wallet for my growing collection of smaller & crossbody bags. it helps me minimize the amount of unnecessary crap i carry around in my wallet :smile: love the burgundy interior too.
  3. one last piece of designer sexiness that i want to share is my black Dior VIII 38mm watch. i just got her for xmas and she is just gorgeous and shiny and lovely :heart:
    thank you for visiting! hope i'll have more to share soon :smile:
  4. Wow! I love everything.......thanks for sharing with us!
  5. what a beautiful collection. I love the Fendi.
  6. wonderfull collection! Great taste!
  7. You have a lovely collection.
  8. It's amazing how well you've taken care of all pieces. It's admirable.
  9. Lovely collection. So classy! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thank you everyone! :biggrin:
  11. Amazing collection..all the right bags and colors:smile:
  12. Thank you, I really appreciate that!
  13. You have an amazing collection!! Everything is so gorgeous!! Your black and white Celine is just beyond!! I love black and white bags!
  14. Beautiful collection! But I'm soooo in love with your watch!:love::love::love:
  15. Wow! You have a great collection. I love the variety of colour, brands and shapes. Definitely diverse and well edited. Also love that you included your "impulse" buys, I'm sure we all have some of those yet have not decided to part with them. Here's hoping you will continue to add to your collection for many years to come. :smile: