i love me some bags :)

  1. Lovely!! Can't wait to see the rest of your collection!
  2. V nice:smile:
  3. thank you!! :biggrin:
  4. thank you! but i can't really take credit - it's a fancy camera on a tripod! :smile:
  5. i thought i'd share some of my much older bags that i used to love..a little trip down memory lane. i used to looove this little coach bag, back when i could somehow carry all my necessities in this tiny thing, including a wallet! my, how times have changed..
  6. i also used and abused this soft gold Juicy hobo
  7. i also used to looove this Kooba bag. the leather is so nice and soft, and i love how the chain gives it a little edge.
  8. this was one of those limited edition Coach bags that i found at the outlet. though i haven't used it in a long time, i still think it's pretty.
  9. this Michael MK bag is one of my regret buys..it was 40 or 50% off, and it was a complete impulse buy. i liked it for about 2 weeks and then i was totally over it :sad: the leather is super buttery soft though!
  10. You have a lovely collection. Love reading the story and description of each one. I also loved the part about playing with your mom's bags, which I used to do too (in addition to playing with my older sister's amazing collection) :cloud9:
  11. this Marc Jacobs bag is also a bit of a regret buy. i also found her on sale, and i still really do think she's beautiful. i love the combination of navy and gold. but the bag is just so heavy!! it's really tiring to wear it on my shoulder for too long. i've discovered since that i'm just not a marc jacobs kind of girl.
    purses021.jpg purses023.jpg
  12. i've gotten a LOT of use out of this little deep purple, suede Gucci evening bag/clutch. she's little but can fit quite a bit!
    purses086.jpg purses089.jpg
  13. I usually flip through collection pictures but I loved reading your descriptions. Welcome!
  14. this is my Gucci wallet from probably 10 years ago.
  15. this is my one and only Dior bag, the gorgeous Granville in black. the leather is soooo sexy and soft! LOVE. i am hoping to add a Diorissimo and a small Lady Dior this year...
    purses124.jpg purses125.jpg