i love me some bags :)

  1. Hi, i'm relatively new to tpf, but i lovelovelove it here!!! i've been in love with bags for as long as i can remember. i used to sneak into my mom's closet and play with her fancy bags when she wasn't home..i would take them out of the dustbags, model them, pet them lovingly, and put them all back before she came home...ahh the memories. i've been buying designer bags for almost a decade now, and though most of my friends like bags too, they don't obsess over them like i do. in fact, most of them think my collection is excessive. so i was very happy to discover tpf, where clearly there are many collections far more massive than mine hehe :smile: i love looking at everyone's collections here, and wanted to share mine, finally. it took me a long time to get off my lazy bum to take pictures, but here they are. i will try to go in chronological order...thanks for visiting! xo
  2. Oooo I'm here to see! Welcome to the site, I felt the same when I discovered TPF and my collection grew from being on here and finding ways to get bags!
  3. Ok, finally figured out how to post pics with the help of my hubby (aka my enabler lol). I'll start with my LV collection since like most people here, it was the first to pop my designer bag cherry. But unlike most, my first LV was not the speedy, but this Sonatine. I don't use her much anymore, but she's still very special because she's my first love :smile: They don't sell it anymore, but I bought her back in 2003.
  4. different angle..
  5. My 2nd LV purchase was this Damier Papillon. It's the smaller size..though I'll probably never use it again, I still think she's adorable. Hopefully we'll have a daughter that I can pass it down to..otherwise my nieces are going to be very lucky ;)
  6. My 3rd LV was finally a Monogram Speedy 25. She got left behind for use at my mom's..
    then I went up a size and got the Damier Speedy 30. Love how summery she is! She doesn't get much action anymore either but I still love her because she's the first bag my hubby ever bought me :smile:
  7. Next up is my Vernis Roxbury Drive in Amarante. Love this color and love this bag!! Love it with or without the strap. Sad that they don't make these anymore. I bought the zippy wallet a while after just for this bag.
  8. My hubby bought me this Galleria MM on our honeymoon. He made us walk to the LV store from our hotel and I was stupid and wore brand new flip flops that ended up giving me massive blisters. At least I got a bag out of it haha.. As functional as this bag may look, I find it hard to get stuff out from the bottom of the bag while it's still on my shoulder, so that's a little annoying. I have to admit, I don't love this bag like I used to..but don't tell the hubby!!
  9. Here is my very much used and abused diaper bag - the Totally GM. She is really great - the side pockets are great for bottles, and I like the option of being able to zip up the bag. I love her, but I'm so sick of using her, because I miss using all my other bags!! But our son is not yet 2 so I'll be using her for a long while to come. Not complaining! I recently bought the leopard bandeau to jazz her up a bit, to give her a little different look :smile:
  10. Here is my very lovely Vernis Brea MM in Blanc Corail. She is so pretty!! She is much more of a lady than I am lol. Sadly she has a tiny bit of color transfer on the backside from my jeans.
    purses057.jpg purses059.jpg
  11. This is my most recent LV purchase - the Empreinte Speedy Bandeu 25 in Infini. Love the crossbody option!! That's really the main reason I got it. Being hands-free is very appealing when you're chasing a very active toddler around! I originally intended to buy the raspberry color (framboise?) when I went to the store, but just felt like the color didn't suite me for some reason. So i got this color instead, and I think the gold hardware is so pretty on the deep navy. I never expected to buy a Speedy in this size again, but the crossbody strap did me in..
    purses051.jpg purses053.jpg
  12. Here are my Vernis Sarah wallets in Pomme D'Amour & Gris. Love these wallets, so easy to use and very sturdy!
    purses068.jpg purses070.jpg
  13. I'll continue tomorrow with other designers :smile:
  14. You have such an amazing collection of LVs! I adore the Sarah wallets!
  15. welcome to TPF and love your collection! keep'em coming and you have a great photographing skill!!!