I love MARNI!!!

  1. I have been running in to bags and shoes by "Marni" - Does anyone know anything about this designer or have any thoughts on the designs?? I am besotted with this line - I absolutely love the stuff but I have bought a Chanel and a Ferragamo this holiday season so I'm on a self imposed ban.
  2. I was just in the Marni store at South Coast Plaza, it's so full of beautiful things....is there something you're eyeing (for when your ban is over, of course :p)?
  3. There was a gorgeous flat silver messenger bag I wanted and an amazing large white balloon bag with both handle and shoulder strap flexibility - I wanted both - I left my number with the S.A at Norstrom's - in case of a sale (which I doubt) I am going to be in L.A at the end of Jan. Was told there is a Marni shop on Melrose Place - I just may have to stop by. It's a very expensive line but then I guess all the good ones are.