1. i was just driving home from school and drive right by them filming a scene from SVU and there is MARISKA 10 feet TOPS away from me, i ALMOST SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!

    they shooed me by quicky so as not to interrupt the scene i went around and around the corner like 3 times haha i was so excited!

    then i came and stopped right on the corner around from where she was and i got as close as i good and the camera guy discreetly came up and was like "psst,,,,reverse a little you are in the shot" hahah!!!! SO i pulled back and asked if i could get her autograph and they said if i parked and waited by her trailer there was a good chance, but that it could be hours before she went there,,, and i have to go to work at 330 :sad: BOOO i was so sad cause that would have been AMAZING to meet her and tell her i adore her!

    but i did get to see her so close up and she is soooo beautiful! i was SO happy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY made my day!:heart: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. That is awesome. I really like her, too. You lucky NYC gal!
  3. hehe... i think you mean "Hargitay."

    not on this forum, but i recently read about someone else's account about the filming of this show... this person ended up walking by in a scene they were shooting, and i guess wanted to stop and stare at Mariska as well... lol.

    so does this mean you're in the scene as an extra? that would be so cool!
  4. I love the show too!!!!!! :biggrin:
  5. HAHA siworae OOPS! :smile: spelled it wrong :smile: its a hard name!! :smile:

    haha wouldnt that be crazy if my little clifford (my red jetta) stays in the scene! :smile: i w ould be so excited haha Keep your eyes out in later episodes for a red jetta sneaking intto the side street :smile:!!!!!!!
  6. LOL...good for you...you seem so happy!
  7. OHHH MY F**** GOD! SHE IS MY IDOL! I SERIOUSLY ENVY YOU!!!!!!!!..I have been watching SVU for the past 9 years! you are so damn lucky!.... I am soo happy for you!!!!!!

    ps..her last name is Hargitay** =]
  8. Hehe jadore yaaaayyyy someone else who loves her like I do!!!!! I want to go there now that I'm off work and see if they r still there!!! I asked my mom to check who was driving by there like 30 min ago I'm about to get home and ask her if they were there I seriously may drive back over there and wait!!! I love her I think she's so beautiful such a good actress she supports a lot of really great causes and looks amazing at award shows!!!!!!!!

    Hehe and I know I couldn't figure out how to spell her last name haha!!!
  9. I think its too dark out now :sad: I doubt they r still filming and to drive there if they aren't....:sad: ugh my chance was lost
  10. I LOVE MARISKA!!!!!!!!!! You are soooo lucky!! I think she is beautiful!
  11. How neat !
  12. Very cool!
  13. I love her too, I never miss an episode of SVU!
  14. That's awesome. DH and I love that show. She's such a great actress and SO beautiful. I'd want to see her baby too!!
  15. I love her on that show too! Lucky you!!!!!!