I Love LV Show Piece-PIX!

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  1. Check out my goodies! I had to track em down myself b/c local Saks and NM's LV will never receive this.....866 said they are not on the A list to receive show pieces:p I might return one of them, but gosh, it's so hard to decide:rolleyes:
    04 24 07.JPG 04 24 07 box.JPG
  2. taps fingers... waiting.
  3. :huh:h... what did you get?! Pics please!
  4. lol, bf is shaking his head w/that 'she is crazy look, while humming to that cupid song 'take a look at my gf, she is the only one i got, la la la la....' but that's ok, he can tease all he wants, as long as i am happy that's all it matters in the end, right girls?:graucho:
    04 24 07 Twin Pack.JPG
  5. And Ta Da! The ONE and ONLY POMME D'Amour Tinkerbell Coin purse! LOL, jk, it's actual Coral, but some how the combo of old DG, bad photo taker, and lighting make it look like Pomme:sweatdrop: I was like :nuts: when I saw the pix on computer, but at least that will give u all some idea of how the 'imaginary Pomme version' would look like hehe:idea:

    As mentioned, the second one should be the creamy green (my fav!), the actual color should look like my sig on the LV box in that pix. The color reminds me of lime sorbet:drool:
    04 24 07 Coral.JPG 04 24 07 Green.JPG
  6. CONGRATS! They're sooo pretty! I say keep both LOL!
  7. I love the coral it is to die for! Congrats! What bag are you going to put them on?
  8. Fabulous! Did you have to wait list for those or can anyone get them? I really :heart: them!
  9. Wow! The coral does look like pomme. Congrats.
  10. only under my 'skillful' picture taking technique! But to set the record straight, the true color is the ones you see on eBay, a pastel version of True Coral color.:yes:
  11. Sooo pretty! Congratulations.
  12. wow! Very pretty!
  13. nope, called 866 on last sat night, the rep found it in Dallas, TX. ring the boutique up sun after noon, at first the stupid SA say never rec, after i mention 866 showed stocked in the store, he told me coral is the only one left:cursing: I had to be consist, after a detail search, he found the green one hidden in the store by other SA:graucho: though i feel a tiny tab sorry for who every it's hidding for, but I am a paying customer who is READY to BUY NOW:supacool: I was told Dallas boutique only received one of each color, so I had to snatch it up:p
  14. I love both of them!!!
  15. those are so cute! Congrats!