I love LV but don't own any traditional mono...should I get a speedy? Or an Artsy?

  1. Thanks! :smile:
  2. U can't go wrong with a speedy or artsy! I have both and I luv both! What bags do u have in ur collection now?
  3. Pink Graffiti Neverfull, Orange Graffiti Neverfull, Pomme Rayures BB

    Sold (and regret it) my Empreinte Aube Artsy
  4. Do you want a handheld or shoulder?
  5. Sorry, i meant do you prefer a handheld or shoulder?
  6. Well if I got a speedy I'd get the one with the strap for sure. It's cute to me crossbody!
  7. I love both but since you already have an Artsy get the speedy B.
  8. I'd look at why I sold the Emp. Artsy first - if it was because you didn't like the style, while there may be some differences, if you didn't love the Artsy in Emp. what would make you love the Mono one, KWIM? However, if you really regret I'd go for the Artsy.

    Also: the Artsy is less common than the Speedy (and more expensive.) Price increases are fickle, but the Speedy will probably always be cheaper. I'd go for the Mono Artsy first, then looking at getting a Speedy later.
  9. Why did you sell your emp. Artsy? Is it becaua
  10. Why did you sell your emp. Artsy?
  11. I have both the Artsy and several speedies and I would purchase the Artsy as I carry it in my hand as well as wear as a shoulder bag...and IMO its a tad but more upscale than the speedy...but you can't go wrong with either bag...good luck with your decision and I hope you love whichever bag you choose...
  12. i have both mono speedy B and mono artsy but unfortunately i havent used my artsy much, it's a bit too bulky for my daily use ( i commute by train ) though i LOVE the artsy so much and wish i could use more. On the other hand, I use my speedy B a lot, no matter how common or rather affordable price it's very practical, amazing bag !
  13. I love my mono Speedy B. it gives you the classic feel with something extra. It's a great everyday bag, and also great for travel!! Hope you get one!!
  14. If you regret your empriente artsy, then go get it again!! :biggrin:
  15. Depends why you sold your artsy before. If it was because of the style then definitely get the speedy b.