I Love Luci

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? I've only been able to see it online but I am crazy about it! I'm wondering if it's very heavy? It would be very helpful if anyone who has it could post pics. I'd love to get an idea of how large it looks on? TIA
  2. It's pretty large and heavy as it's made in the Legacy leather- it's the one that looks like the Francine, but doesn't have the shoulder strap right? I love the look of it too - I'm sure some people here have that bag.
  3. I love this one too. The shape is so different from wht I've seen Coach make so far. I'd guess that it is quite heavy. I haven't seen it on anyone irl though. If Coach releases this one in more colors, I'm in big trouble!
  4. I have been :drool: over her too. She's going to have to go on a serious sale price at the outlet at some point for me to get one though. :crybaby:
  5. I bought Luci and returned it. It's a great looking bag but the straps are too short to comfortably wear the bag on the shoulder. I was sad to return it, but I know myself and if I can't throw the bag on my shoulder, I just won't use it. The drop seems like it would be long enough for a snug fit on the shoulder but because the satchel is domed, it just doesn't feel right. It's a heavier bag, probably 4 - 5 lbs. (guesstimating - I didn't weigh it).
  6. Do a search, there is a modeling picture a while back for it.
  7. Hi...
    I just purchased Luci but I have not received it...can you get it on your should at all...sure hope so...
  8. That to me is similar to the Miranda. I think that it is going to be a very heavy bag!
  9. would love to see pics :smile: