I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Signature Leather

  1. I am going to need to win the lottery. Wallets, checkbooks and bags OH MY!
  2. we need more details....:yes: which styles/colors are you drooling over...pics please!!!:yes: I can't wait to "feel" them in person. I may stop in tomorrow just to fondle all of the new stuff BUT my new hippie is due to arrive via FedEx tomorrow...ummm.....I may have to stick around for that!:graucho:
  3. All of them! I'm not picky. I bought a signature leather wallet last year and I have loved it since, and today I notice they have the wallets again in black, red and mahogony and hand bags too. Really, ALL OF THEM!

  4. I love embossed leather too.
  5. good choice! here's the wallet I really like...

  6. ^ LOVE the skinny they have in that style. MUST have!
  7. This is the wallet I want but in black :drool:
  8. Uh oh...(opening wallet, counting money)....I'm in trouble!
  9. yeah the look of the embossed signature leather is fab! i'm really loving the red!!
  10. I LOVE embossed signature - it's youthful but still classy at the same time - does anyone else know what I'm trying to say?!!
  11. The embossed signature is so subtle. Lately, I've been choosing the leather or brown/choc. or black/black bags. I like less of a contrast. I just wish that the embossed leather came in a variety of styles & sizes!
  12. I am lusting after this one... maybe for PCE if I get one!