I love love love it.. but do I keep it?

  1. I just bought a med. choc. sign. hobo, and I was debating getting the bigger one, but was pursaded by others not to. So I took off the tags, wore it a bit and now I'm doubting my purchase. I love everything about it, but the size. I'm debating selling it on eBay, but I've never sold anything on eBay so I would be a little lost about that. what do I do?? I also bought a framed wristlet that I love and I'm posting pics for the fun of it. View attachment 295989

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  2. You obviously do not love it as you are having second thoughts about it.
    Sell it on eBay and get what you really want. If you have purchased on EBAY
    it is pretty easy to sell as well. I believe that there is a tutorial that walks you
    through what it is you need to do. Good Luck!
  3. I think you're obviously not totally in love with it, so unload it and search for something you can't live without!
  4. I can't view your attachments ... am I the only one?
  5. I can't see the attachments either :confused1: But don't let people talk you out of something you want... I would get the size you want! :tup:
  6. can't see the attachments :sad:
    do consider what others say, but do it with a grain of salt. YOU'RE the one who's carrying the bag at the end, and there's no point spending money and carrying something you don't love.
  7. Let me try the attachments again. IMG_0386.jpg IMG_0376.jpg IMG_0379.jpg

    I think I'm a little scared that I may not get enough back. How much would someone pay for this bag?
  8. oohhh I think the size looks great on you. :yes: As far as prices, go to ebay and click on advanced search, then put in coach and the style # or name or both, then click on completed listings, and it will show you what they have sold for in the past 30 days. I do think it looks really good on you though!! :tup:
  9. I think it looks GREAT on you!!!!!!! And that color is YUMMY! But, if YOU arent loving it, then I would sell it on ebay and buy something you DO LOVE!!!! YOU have to look at it and wear it everyday!!!!
  10. I just saw those bags at the outlets and really liked them but they didnt' look half as good on me so I passed on them.. but honestly it looks gREAT on you! Not trying to pressure you though!!!! :p
  11. Thank you so much ladies! I'm debating whether I should keep and just wear it on occasion, and not as an everyday bag. I love the colour.. I originally wanted the choc. brown carly, but that is way out of my price range.. ugh!! what to do, what to do? Maybe I'll just look at it for a few days and make up my mind.
  12. Well, you don't have much to lose since you have already used it, you may as well keep it a few more days and play around with it... I have sold bags in the past and regretted it, sometimes buying the same bag again. :rolleyes: You may end up loving it! And, if not, definately sell it and get something you do love! :tup:
  13. I think it looks great on you, but if you don't like it, you may as well get rid of it. Just be sure before you do, that you really don't like it. There's no going back once it's gone.
  14. This size does look good on you. I have the large optic soho hobo and the size is great for me, I can fill it up without overloading and it still slouches nicely, without being overwhelming to my body size. Is the size issue in proportion to you or the amount it holds?
  15. I think the size is perfect for my body size, but I feel like I'm stuffing my wristlet and wallet into the bag. I'm debating if I should just keep my wristlet for my ergo, or on it's own and just use the hobo for special occasions.