I LOVE LOVE Daphne at BalNY


Sep 10, 2006
My gosh I love that girl..so you all know my dilema yesterday about not liking my truffle box/compagnon..well I dealt w/ two sa who were so unhelpful and rude so today I called and asked for Daphne just to make sure my order was correct (wanting the french blue first and money wallet) anyways the first SA who passed me off last week gets on the phone and I go "oh hi I asked to speak w/ Daphne" and she goes "well since I helped you last week all your calls get forwarded to me" and I said "that's nice but I have a question for Daphne" then she proceeds to ask me about why I want to return my bag and wallet (the truffle ones) OMG lady just give me Daphne finally I blurted out "I DON"T WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU" and she goes "FINE" and puts the phone down..okay psycho. Anyways, Daphne is a dollface..she mentioned they got a whole bunch of boxes in the back w/ new colors (the french blue is here) so hopefully the first and wallet are here..I liked Daphne so much that I ordered a city (a style I didn't think I would ever get) in french blue too!! Can't wait:yahoo: :yahoo: She totally renewed my faith because I was so frustrated yesterday. Anyways, thanks to everyone for recommending her:smile::smile:
It didn't sound like there was a list for the french blue which is the royal blue color I guess..she made it sound like there wasn't much of a list period so I would deal w/ Daphne..she is so helpful and sweet.
That is wonderful for you...so sorry you were treated badly to begin with. There is no excuse for that. Can't wait to see your new goodies!! :yes:
I'm THRILLED for you! These SA's have to realize that we people out of state are buying something sight unseen and we count on them to make sure we're getting the best item possible. You would think if they did that for us we would contantly give them our business over and over because we will ultimately be happy with our bag. I have purchased from Balny twice, I did NOT like the bag T---y picked out for me (since we cant say names when speaking negatively) and on the 2nd order Joseph sent the best Blueberry makeup and small compagnon I could ever want. He will get all my business.

I so happy it worked out for you and I hope you get the best French Blue bags they have!

I just got an email from Sarah about the Makeup I wanted. I had been feeling very bad too because I sent out emails to the general Balenciaga address and got no answer. But thanks to everyone's advice I sent out one specifically to Sarah and now I'm on the waitlist! :wlae: Sarah says "Hi" by the way.

The "recommended Balenciaga SAs" thread is so, so helpful. Is there any way that it could get a sticky?
Oh Donna..that SA you were spelling out is the one I had..yeah, she is a meanie!! You can tell she is hurting for clientele by the way she attacked me..Daphne was so sweet to take over..

thanks everyone for your support!!
yea!!! so happy for you!
i adore daphne as well. she is my regular SA!!! and she is always so helpful and willing to spoend the extra time with me on the phone to make sure all my questions are answered!!!
when are you getting the bag?