I love looking at all your new bags!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies... I just want to tell you all how much I love the PF and how much I love when you share your new bags/accessories!! I love looking at everyone's new things!!!

    Please continue to share you new items with all of us!!!!
  2. Here Here!
  3. :yes: Absolutely...NEW or "NEW" always love it. And I love PF too:shame: :love:
  4. Soon I hope I will be able to show my cerises pochette..Can't wait :biggrin:
  5. I agree. Don't hold back those pics! I love looking at everyones bags!!
  6. :nuts: Wow, we might be able to show it off together! I just bought one off eBay yesterday!:yes:
  7. Me too; it does not matter if I have seen a certain bag 100x; just the thought of someone sharing a "new" bag makes me giddy!!
  8. no FBI here?:lol: yehey! hehehehe me too, i love everyone's items :yes: :love: wherever they got it, as long as its real.. :yes:

  9. Cool...I think Twiggers is also getting her cerises pochette...:yahoo:
  10. Great!! Can't wait to see the ceresis! I love those little cherrys!!
  11. Yes, I love pictures! I just drool on everybody's bag and keep changing my mind what I want to get if ever I think the plunge into LV. there are so many nice bags! keep the pictures coming, I love those with the owners wearing them.

  12. Me too!! That's how my addiction works, I don't even care if it's ME who buys a new bag, as long as SOMEONE buys a new bag!!!
  13. I feel the same way. I love PF!
  14. I agree! I love seeing pics of PFers' new purchases!
  15. I get so excited when someone from the PF gets a new bag. I love the pictures!! Never get tired of seeing them. I'm on the prowl on getting a new LV soon, just don't know what the heck I'm gonna get. I'm lovin' the new Damier Azur line!!
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