I love Let-Trade!!!

  1. You all...

    Agaist all the comments about that very beaten up Cerises Speedy on Let-Trade we discussed last week, I decided to buy it... The reason for that was becoz I am a really careless person, and I normally do not take very good care of my bags. Also, I have never buy second hand before... so I thought I would go for a cheaper one, and see how things go.

    Today, the bag arrived... And my god!!! It is gorgeous!!! :yahoo: A few Cherries does have scratches... but since the Cherries on Speedy are so small anyway, it doesn't look bad at all. I am very very impressed... and especially with this price!!! The overall condition of the bag is also quite good, the shape is good... no sagging at all. The handles are a bit dark but the colour is even, so no problem at all. :wlae:

    So... overall, I am very very happy! I will surely purchase from them again. And for those of you who are still hestitate... Let-Trade does indeed over-mentioned and over-emphasized the BAD condition of their bags. I think they are just trying to be on the save side by saying it worse than it actually is.

    Go girl....
  2. congrats! show us some pics :yes:
  3. Glad you are happy! Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. Ouh... and it does come with a dustbag.. even it said it wouldn't. :graucho:
  5. Yay, congrats!!! Can we see a pic please!!!
  6. Congrats I'm glad you love it! Can't wait to see some pics!!!:yahoo:
  7. That great! Glad your happy with your new cerises. Wheres the pics??
  8. Congrats, enjoy your purse!!!
  9. Trying to take some pics.. but it is soooo hard! Coming coming...
  10. yay pics!!
  11. I'm sure you'll give that speedy a great home....congrats!!! :smile:
  12. Here we go.... I am sooo bad at taking pics! These two are the best I have... sorry! But I promise to take some more tomorrow when I go get my Mandarin Soufflot and maybe a Lockit or BH from my Local LV... Hehehe... can't believe I managed to track down the last Mandarin Soufflot in Europe. :wlae: I love love love my SA.
    DSCN1088.JPG DSCN1092.JPG
  13. very cool - so happy for you and the pics look great!
  14. congrats!
  15. It doesn't look beat up to me. The vachetta is dark, but it looks nice. Congrats.:smile: