I love Lauren Conrads new bag!

  1. Yeah, it looks like a Chloe because of the zippers
  2. What kind of bag did Jason buy her? Is this it?
  3. He bought her the Chanel Medallion tote. Caz she was using it while they were having coffee and he said "nice bag," and she said "thanks, my loser ex-boyfriend gave it to me..." Don't ask me why I know this, I'm a total loser....LOL!!!!!!!

    That is an awesome bag!!!
  4. Okay, thanks! I'm glad you know what I'm referring to! I ran up to the television to see what bag he bought her but I guess I missed the shot. That makes me a bigger loser :shame:
  5. OMG that bag is HOT.

  6. No problem....:blush: I tried looking online for the name of the bag....I can't find it, but it's really gorgeous. I'll keep an eye out for you. Good luck in finding it!