I love Karizma Boutique!

  1. Hi ladies, Shellie, the owner, just emailed me that they are doing a 30% off promotion with the code "toutie". This includes all sale merchandise as well. Good luck, good deals, and happy shopping!:yahoo:
  2. ^ The code works right now? TIA
  3. Hi Cheetos,
    I spoke with her just about 30 minutes ago-so it should be working. If not go to their website and try their number. Shellie is the owner and gave me a head's up because I buy from her frequently. They also got in a new supply of Rebecca Minkoff bags that they haven't put on the website yet. Morning after in large and mini. Let me know if it doesn't work.:yes:
    PS-Did I tell you that I got a Mulberry Tooled Bayswater the other day at Nordstrom? I was so excited! $1197 for $479!
  4. Yes, I saw your post on the Bayswater. What a great deal! I can't wait to move to a place where I can get in a car and drive to a store. The online selection at Nordstrom is so limited.
  5. I am having a HORRIBLE time with Karizma Boutique. I returned a Bulga bag to them in July 2006 and they STILL have not issued me a refund after a promise from customer service that it would be issued after I had not received in November, and then a promise from Shelli that it would be issued in December, and a promise from Shelli AGAIN in January when it still had not gone through. She won't return my phone calls after three weeks of messages and I just had to file a complaint with the BBB.:sad: I am NOT happy with them!
  6. I'm on a search for the perfect clutch so I was hoping to find one there..and at 30% off. But, sadly none were calling my name. The search continues but thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Wow- I am very surprised-they've been nothing but wonderful with me and I have returned something to them before without a hitch...I don't know what happened with your return. :sad:
  8. Hello all-just an update on the code for the 30% off. It should be entered in the promo box as "toutie30" or "Toutie30%"- I'm not positive that you need the percent sign. :yes:
  9. their shipping is so high, boo
  10. Do you know if it the sale is in-store as well? The boutique is right by my mom's house in Corona Del Mar and I am spending the day there tomorrow. May have to stop by...
  11. I think you should be able to use the 30% discount in the store. Shellie did honor it for me, even though I picked up the bag in person. (I ordered it over the phone though.)

    I work in Newport Beach - 3 minutes away! I was able to score a black Botkier Bianca at 30% off! Yay! Just ask her to honor the toutie code - I think she'll be willing to work with you. :yes: