I love jewel tone colors!

  1. Do not mind me; it is cold and rainy here so I have been cooped up inside. I took out my bags to admire them and started to take pics. No need to comment; just wanted to share!

    First is a a group picture of my "bright" b-bags.
    jewel colors.JPG
  2. Now I will show come season colors together and comparison pics. Here is 05 eggplant twiggy vs 07 violet step.
    eggplant vs violet.JPG
  3. Here is a shot of my '04 colors (eggplant and anis).
    04 colors.JPG
  4. Here is the 05 colors minus my black day (teal, magenta, apple green and bordeaux).
    05 colors.JPG
  5. 06 colors minus my Grenat Day (Ink and Rouge VIF)
    06 colors.JPG
  6. What is the orange one? Is that pumpkin? It's amazing!
  7. 07 colors; Jaune, Vert Gazon, and Violet.
    07 colors.JPG
  8. That is actually Jaune; I used to have a pumpkin twiggy but I sold it. :crybaby:
  9. Apple Green vs Vert Gazon
  10. WOW:blink: That's an AMAZING collection!
  11. 05 Rouge Theatre (sold) vs 05 Bordeaux
  12. OMG- your collection is amazing- I put the first picture as my desktop background!
  13. You have a gorgeous collection!
  14. I love jewels colors too:smile: Beautiful collection.
  15. It's like a bag of Skittles! Yummy! Awesome bags!:tup::drool::girlsigh: