i love it!

  1. since it's almost fall, i thought that my speedy will need something to keep itself warm... i really had my heart set on getting the red one but they were all out... i got the last one in the store :smile:


  2. beautiful!!! congrats! :smile:
  3. So pretty!!! :love:
  4. Beautiful bandeau!! Congratulations!! LV sure keeps on coming out with really nice ones!
  5. It is gorgeous!! I love the blue! Enjoy
  6. that is soooo pretty!!~ i want one now!!!
  7. so pretty! i want one!
  8. Love it.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. It's Beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Very cute! I love the colors of the scarf against the mini lin!
  12. I prefer the blue, it looks gorgeous with your Mini Lin there. [​IMG]
  13. Gorgeous, congrats!
  14. it's cute on your mini lin speedy, congrats!
  15. thanks everyone for the sweet remarks... i think i might try wearing it as a headband tomorrow... we'll see... :tender: