I LOVE IT but what can you put in here?

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  1. I exchanged my coin pouch for this the other day, and I love it asthetically, but what can i fit in it usually?

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  2. If you have an ipod nano, that may fit in there. Of course the basics..coins, cash, credit cards, receipts, gum, & other little doodads.
  3. Credit cards, money, ID, change, a lipstick or mascara.
  4. Credit cards, ipod, money, change, makeup, gum & candy
  5. if i'm not going to carry a reg purse with me, i usually put CC's, id, chapstick, and razr in side.
  6. me too, minus the razr.;)

  7. I usually take my wristlets when I go out, so I put my cell, skinny(has CC, bank card, ID, and cash), and my camera (I have a really skinny nikon), and keys
  8. I use my wristlets as a wallet in my purse. My coins, bills, CCs, IDs, etc all reside within my wristlet :o)
  9. I have one and i got my cell phone in there and money and lipchap.Thats about all that can fit but i love it i want more of those wristlets
  10. I love that wristlet. I use it to hold money, cc, id, lipgloss/chapstick, id card etc. It holds quite a bit.
  11. ^^thanks all! when I saw the description of the size, i thought my mj key pouch would fit in there with my phone, but it didn't so hence my asking..but this seems the perfect oppurtunity for a mini skinny.. :biggrin:
  12. I own this in black. I can fit my cards, cell, $. Love this wristlet.
  13. oooh cute! love the embossed.. you can put in gum, lipgloss, cell phone, cash, credit cards.. alot of stuff actually!
  14. ^^wow I really underestimated this!
  15. I love the standard size wristlet. I can get 5 lipsticks in there, sometimes 6. It's a great way to keep all the ones I like to carry with me in one spot.