i love how Damier is so carefree!!

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  1. I have had my Damier Speedy 25 for 2 weeks now and is my first Damier item. Yesterday it was snowing/raining out here and it was so nice that I didn't even have to stress out!! Normally I would be like oh no I have to change my purse (I use to only own Mono) or I would be bummed that I couldn't wear my Mono out, or would be panicked if I was caught in the rain/snow with it already outetc! It was so nice not to have to care!!
  2. I have the same bag as you and I love it for the same reason! :smile:
  3. don't u just love the care-free and classic print???
  4. Im considering a damier myself. Glad to hear you love yours.
  5. I love Damier too!
  6. I don't own any damier, but seriously thinking of the getting the speedy 25 or a keepall.
  7. that's why Damier is my everyday bag..well almost.:yes:
  8. I love Damier for the same reasons! It's been snowing here for days and my lovely speedy & papillon go everywhere!
  9. Mine is coming tomorrow, I can't wait to get it!! :woohoo:
  10. it's definitely one of the best designs...nothing beats the worry free-ness of an LV bag!
  11. Damier is so great -- no vachetta to worry about when it is nasty outside! So glad that you are loving your bag!
  12. Lovely to find another new Damier lover!!
  13. Love all my Damier pieces! One more still to come for me! :graucho:
  14. Yes! The ultimate bag! I like it better than the mono for that reason.
  15. It snows or rains constantly here. I didn't realize I should freak out and change my bag? lol. I guess I need damier too. Glad to hear you're enjoying yours!