I love Hermes again!

  1. Well...I never really fell out of love with it, but I was definitely put off after my last H store experience. I tried to then go visit another store with a PF member but it was closed!! Talk about being disappointed! Although it was my fault for forgetting they are not open on Sunday :p

    But I went to the SCP location again today and the SA I was recommended by AuthenticLux was a complete sweetheart :heart: She was so friendly and polite, answered all my questions, and was as helpful as she could be. Definitely one of the best SA's I have ever encountered :yahoo:

    Unfortunately I was in a huge hurry and could not stick around to shop, but I know who I will be asking for from here on out :yes:

    I'm so glad to have an SA that represents the class and elegance that Hermes is :happydance:

    OK, I'm a complete dork for being this excited, but just had to share.
  2. Yay:yahoo:
  3. Glad you had a nice experience this time. Hate it when you get an awful SA - really takes the shine of what should be such a special shopping trip
  4. lizlikeshugs, I'm glad to hear that you had a great experience. :smile:
  5. Great service like you received is what keeps us all coming back to the Orange side! Well, that and the great bags. :p
  6. Yay!!! SCP is the best! That's where my SA is too. Just wish it wasn't so far away but I'm going there on Thursday!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. yes the service can be iffy with some but other Hermes SAs are wonderful and super helpful. i have posted about one of mine and her many moods, it does not seem to matter what i buy or how much i love the brand she tells me different stories one day and the next will bring something fantastic out of the back and boom sell it to me. i have no clue with this one so i do not feel bound to buy only from her. i do not think i have met my soulmate SA yet LOL. so i keep looking, someday i will find him/her and we will live happily ever after. welcome back to H!
  8. a great SA makes a lot of difference. Congrats on you new SA and I hope it leads to more hermes purchases in the future!
  9. Glad to really hear some good new for a change!
  10. Glad to hear! Welcome back to Orange! :yahoo:

    ... (as if you could ever REALLY have left... ;))
  11. Glad to hear that you had a great H experience!
  12. so glad you found an SA that you click with. it makes a world of difference. the h experience should be fun and happy!