I Love Hayden-harnett

  1. This is a thread for people who own/want to own/love Hayden-Harnett bags!! Post your pictures and comments!! :heart::heart:

    This is my one and only bag (soon to be more!!!) and I :heart::heart::heart: it!

  2. Congratulations on your new baby. I have the same bag..after all the posts last week, started using mine again, only the 3rd or 4th time now..but I noticed that the leather covering the magnetic closure at the top of the bag is rubbing off.
    I wonder if it's because of the very thin leather, or if I'm doing something wrong. Anyone else notice this with HH or any other brand?
  3. I haven't had any problems with my hh hobo in chocolate and I carry it every other day and on the weekends with my kids. in fact, i find it really easy to clean and very durable. I got mine back in February 06
  4. I'd never seen a Hayden-Harnett before joining tPF but have fallen in love with them (especially the Hudson satchel !!). Do they ever go on sale & if so, where?
  5. Pam, you can get them at Lunaboston.com or jcmadison.com for 20% off with the code "grechen".
  6. Thanks ! I saw them on lunaboston but didn't know about the code. How long is the code good ? (Just bought a Michael Kors & have to wait a couple of weeks.) I think I may just wait & get a cocoa Hudson Satchel (not available yet- they don't ship until 10/25). I just love, love, love it !!! But, I do love the Havana nearly as much & with the 20% off, I could save some $...... What to do, what to do ? I'll be obsessing about this for the next couple of weeks!!!!
  7. The Hayden-Harnett website has sales sometimes, join their e-mail list for the info.
  8. Thanks Zeitgeist - just did & (of course) had to check out their blog, etc. Now I'm kinda depressed. Wishing I was in NYC not Dallas......
  9. Pam - the code is good for a while but you can always check grechenscloset.com (hope I spelled that right). She keeps her current codes up to date there. I check there first before I buy something on-line.
  10. Thanks !
  11. I LOVE your bag hilary!!!!! I am expecting my Nico bag next week and I will post here! I wish everyone would post their pictures- I want to see!!!!:yes:
  12. On the other HH thread, someone mentioned signing up for their email and getting a discount code for first purchase.. They did have a code of "FALLIN" for 15% off at their website also...
  13. It's true, when I bought this bag, they gave me a discount code for the next purchase...sooooo wonderful :heart: