I love/hate this commercial!

  1. I hate that commercial too.
  2. OMG I freaking HATE the phone commercial with the blubbering mother and daughter.

  3. HORRIBLE!!!

    We switch the channel every time it's on!
  4. I like the liquid plumber commercial with the 2 guys! Hot!

    I also like the Geico taste test commercial with the pregnant lady.
    "Do you want to finish it?" "NO!" "Does the baby want to finish it?"

    And the one with the older couple, they look so confused and cute!
  5. Ugh! I loathed that JG Wentworth commercial. The stupid song always gets stuck in my head afterwards!

    And the DirectTV one too...I mean really? Somehow because I chose cable I'd end up reenacting Platoon with Charlie Sheen???? WTF?!?!?

    Actually, that might be fun to do! LOL!
  6. Love the one where the family is in the van and they start doing "Crazy TRain"
  7. Now that nitwit for Wendy's that talks to the salads is on my last nerve.
  8. I like the Geico commerical w/ Wile E Coyote and Road Runner
  9. Although Flo started as a "Groundling" I absolutely hate those commercials too!
  10. I hate the TWC commercial where the guys buy the girl all that stuff from Twilight. Idk why it irks me so