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  1. I'm trying to decide on a nice little tote and I have my eyes on the PST (black /w GH).

    Here's the problem ... I'm in the middle of saving up for my purchase and while I'm saving up I've been reading all these threads about the PST. Some serious Pros and some serious Cons...

    So I thought a poll might make things a little bit more clear.

    Please let me know if you LOVE or HATE you PST. Especially if you HATE your PST because of some quality control issue (I've read a few complaints about stitching problems and chain issues....).

    If you've never had a quality control issue with your PST I'd like to know that too!

  2. PST is a really nice tote even I have my eyes now set on Cerf tote:p Chanel SA will usually send in for free defect repair if it's w/n 1 yr period. I store mine on the side to keep the corners in shape.
  3. I store mine on their side as well. I really like my PST's, they're a perfect tote style purse, the larger totes to me are more useful as a work bag and too big as a purse. A smaller bag forces you to carry the necessities and is much better for your body too. Big bags can get too heavy and damage your back. Fashion and comfort!
  4. I love the PST!
    Its a great tote.
  5. Although my PST is my first Chanel and I have only owned it for a week, thus far I really, really love it. I agree as well that the GST is a great bag for work, but a bit too big for everyday use. I am also able to put quite a bit into my PST, thereby making it very great for everyday use. As for quality issues, I hope to not have any problems and will know sooner than later beings I bought this bag to use everyday for the duration. Good luck.
  6. I love my PST! Currently it is my only Chanel as I have been concentrating on my LV collection for the last few years, but I have no complaints. Mine was purchased in 2005 and it is still in excellent condition, no quality control issues (Perhaps because it is older, I am not sure). I love the size, it stays on my shoulder and it is really comfortable to carry. I say go for it!
  7. I love my PST w/ gold hardware. I got in 11/2007. I use it as my little mama bag.
  8. I find it a little too small, too structured, and no top zip closure does not feel secure. Thumbs down. Sorry!
  9. My PST is my only Chanel but I LOVE it!
  10. So far I'm loving mine - - I'm looking to add a classic flap to the family - - but this tote holds all I need & as another poster stated, it's not heavy. It's all a matter of personal taste. I have the black caviar with gold hardware - I wear gold jewelry - so I think it's perfect!!
  11. Thanks everyone! This is really very helpful for me! Please keep your thoughts/opinions coming!

    I think what got me scared was one of the threads I had read said that even though there was some stitching issues, Chanel couldn't restitch (and it came back looking worse)..... AND the bag was only 1 year old!

    Admittedly the last Chanel I bought was some years ago (approx 15). And it is a small classic flap. BUT it looks wonderful and I've never had any quality concerns with this bag (even at such an old age). My mother's flap is also in great condition. And I believe the thread's I've been reading are about current quality concern issues....
  12. I prefer GST then PST....:smile:
  13. Love mine. I have a second one on the way. It's the perfect size for me and I like the fact that it has an open top...quick access to your things!

    I had a stitching problem with one of my handles but it was no big deal. I just fixed it and didn't bother taking it back to Chanel. Other than that, no problems whatsoever.
  14. I just got mine last week. I love it! I have my Lambskin flaps which I carry as much as possible; however; the PST is the perfect size for work and it seems more resilient to the SF weather than my Lambskin bags.

    It's a great price too!! I'm for thumbs up - M
  15. I love mine so much!