I love H but my DH/DW/SO loves ....

  1. So there is no doubt that H gets plenty o' love here on tPF, but I am curious what are the loves of tPF DH/DW/SO. In my case, my DH turns a blind eye (kind of) to my bag obsession and I turn a blind eye to his love for high-end cooking stuff - think Williams and Sonoma or Sur La Table. We all know it takes give and take to make a relationship work so if H is their take what is your give?

    Many apologies if this has already been covered in a previous thread
  2. Books! My DH loves loves loves books. It's hard to turn a blind eye to them when they have taken over the house. We currently have 37 bookcases and they are jammed to the max. I could fill another 4 bookcases with just the books that are sitting around, unfiled. It is not unusal for us to go away for a vacation / weekend trip, and return with another 50 books.

    I don't mind, since my DH doesn't mind my H obsession...
  3. My DH loves sailing, biking and playing soccer. No need for H at all.
  4. My DH loves fishing more than anything except me. He is majoring in fisheries and wildlife at the 2nd best university in the nation for that program, he studies biology on his own, and used to want to be an entomologist and was upset when he met a CPT in the Army that majored in that in college and ended up studying bugs for the Army! He really wanted to study ants in South America. He knows a LOT and I love listening to him talk about biology, genetics, fish habitats, ecology, and everything. It's definitely his life's passion besides the Army. That's another thing he loves...but me too, so it's not anything that we have to 'put up' with. That and video games. heehee! especially Halo!

    I don't feel like I'm 'putting up' with his love of all things fish, and he doesn't feel like he is putting up with my love of handbags :biggrin: He's definitely not an HHH! He loves looking at reveals with me on here too...:biggrin: He says PBC tells great stories and Angel's Mr. Froggy is smart for eating kiwi for dinner :tup:
  5. My DH loves flying planes (has his pilot license) as a hobby and building remote control airplanes.
  6. My DH turns a blind eye to my handbag obsession (although he has joked that if we ever need to leave to house in a hurry, he'll grab my H bags first and leave the rest), and i turn a blind eye to his obsession with his High End home theatre equipment/Digital Camera (lenses)/car part enhancements

    We playfully argue that my bag is expensive as it is several thousand dollars worth of leather and craftmanship, while he'll argue that this stuff is worth the several thousand dollar price tag as it's mechanically engineereed with all these electronic equipment and is quality tested etc..... Then i'll interject and argue that at least my bags won't be redundant in a few years and be upgraded to a new model! haha!
  7. *sigh* my DH is a guy's guy! Here are his great loves: his guitar, motorcycle and ridiculously huge tv (not sure about the order though...:p)
  8. Movies. We have more than I like to admit out loud. He loves to compare directors, follow composer careers, and spot actors in obscure films.

    Oh wait, that's me.

    LoL ok ok so we actually SHARE that one. He turns a blind eye (and an enabling hand!) to H, I in turn don't mind his new tech toys, speakers systems, and oh yeah... any visit to Best Buy or similiar man-store is gonna require a cart.
  9. Oooh great thread. My DH loves sailing. So.....I pretend to love it too so he can be more supportive of my love for handbags. (not that I hate sailing of course) I even decorated my new son's nursery with sailboats.
  10. DH is into cars. fast exotic cars. he's a happy boy everytime he drives out a car dealership.
  11. it would definitely have to be high limit blackjack for DH @ bellagio and only bellagio. and it has to be at "his" table with his fave dealer every trip for her entire 8 hr shift. when she takes a break is when he takes his break! we've even planned trips out to vegas around her work schedule!
  12. Loved your reply Kasumi168 and can totally empathyze. When my husband was getting started in his tech career, I go to know our UPS delivery folks real well. Everyday something was coming from a retailer or a reseller. Our place was so small, we had computer this and that everywhere including under our bed! But as time has passed and he has become established, he has broadened his interests.

    I know I shouldn't even think of complaining about the cooking stuff because he is truly a great cook and believe me folks, if he doesn't cook we don't eat! :lol: But looking at our kitchen I must admit, how many different pots and pans do you really need. Writing this, I realize we make quite the couple - me buying LV while dreaming of H and DH buying Calphalon and All Clad while dreaming of copper.
  13. DH loves to play poker (he's actually pretty good!) and his game systems. He has ALL of them, PS3, XBOX 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, and a Wii. He owns his own business so this is how he "unwinds". :p
  14. My DH buys lots of first edition books, and golf clubs sets (like 400 of them if not more) and whatsoever... the whole garage is full of it.. did I say the kids play with the tees and the clubs... very "annoying". So just in my acquiring of trading and so fort.... he realized that 'investing' in Hermes is actually pretty good.
  15. That is absolutely a hoot! :roflmfao: