I love getting cards from LV

  1. It just makes me happy to see a card in the mail with LV in the return address space. I received a card today thanking me for a purchase that I made in January.

    It's just a little thing, but it just made my day! :smile:

    I keep all the cards that I receive from LV in a little brown box.
  2. Oh my goodness how nice, I haven't got one of those yet. Get Christmas cards etc but no thank yous for purchases as yet.
  3. once they get you hooked, they stop sending cards.......:cursing: lol jokes, Congrats :biggrin:
  4. I love getting those cards too! Even when I placed an order to the Palo Alto store in CA I still got a card. One of the SAs here in Boston (not my usual one) sent me a card for items I waitlisted for and handwritten invite to the trunk show...she is so sweet. I may have to switch to her from now on. :smile:
  5. i love getting cards in the mail from LV too.........LOL!
  6. I gotta card too! And, did you see the marshmallow vernis sample card my SA sent me??? I'll try to attach it's in the right corner... shoot, wouldn't upload, weird, having file size troubles these days... but, the vernis card is to die for!!!
  7. Me too. I got one a couple of weeks ago to notify about the new LV store (that opened in november), and it was so beautiful and made me feel so special, lol.
  8. Awwww... getting cards are fun!
  9. Yes, makes you feel kinda special that they remembered...they haven't sent me one in ages now, hmmm.
  10. Agree!!! I get X-Mas cards from my SA (I feel bad because I don't send her any cards) and I use to get thank you notes from her but not anymore.... but I still like my SA and my store!! Everyone greets me when I walk in but sometimes I just want to go into the store without everyone greeting me. That sounds weird, but I like to be anonymous sometimes when I'm shopping and don't want any SA's to approach me while I'm shopping. I shouldn't complain because I get good service at my LV store. Ok, I'll stop now!!!
  11. Aww congrats! I love seeing the little LV in the corner of the envelope too hehe.
  12. Congrats!! Getting cards are great, its so exciting to see LV in the mailbox!