I love FedEx!

  1. Sure we have to pay more, but at least we get it FedEx! I live in Hawaii, so prices are higher, but if I have the store order it for me, they ship free (otherwise, it's $40 for shipping!).:yahoo:

    Anyways, my new '08 Legacy pouch is here and it's adorable!!! I got the khaki/white combo, and the white is more gardenia than true white. It's at least twice the size of a typical pouch, plus it has 2 outside turnlock pockets and the outside zippered pocket. It's so cute, but it is kind of hard getting things in and out of the top zippered, main compartment. It doesn't open as wide as the typical pouch, so if you have medium-big hands, you'll end up rubbing against the zipper when you reach in to get stuff.

    I've attached a photo with the Hampton wristlet as a size reference (I absolutely LOVE the Hampton wristlet - it's bigger than your typical wristlet and has depth, so it holds a ton of stuff, and you can clip the leash 2 different ways).

    I think I'm going to return black leather Bridget, it's way too heavy, and wait for the platinum one to show up at the outlet now. Even with PCE, I can't justify $600 in bags right after Christmas!
    Legacy Coach.jpg
  2. Congrats on your new bag! I love the color combination!
  3. Very nice, I like that combo too!:yes:
  4. Thanks! I'm gonna take her for a test drive tomorrow - can't wait!!!
  5. The size must be perfect for a petite girl like me. Would you post modeling pics when you test drive her tomorrow? :smile:
    Congrats BTW!!
  6. congrat's... its beautiful!
  7. So pretty. I would love to see pics too
  8. oh thats great that you like yours!!! I had to return mine because it was a tad too small. :crybaby:I got the same color combo as you. My hands did rub against the zipper like you mentioned! I forgot to add that when I reviewed it. ;) I found that if I used a mini skinny instead of a wallet, then the size was fine. but I can't put my Coach wallet in the closet, not after what I paid for it!!! A mini skinny fits perfectly in the open pocket inside. Its so cute!!!! awww....I wish it was a little bigger!
  9. I love that color combo too.
  10. That is so cute, but I LOVE your Hamptons wristlet!! Do you love it and use it a lot? I actually bought one, but returned it because I thought it was too expensive...now I'm regretting it. I wonder if those will ever go to the outlets!!:heart:
  11. I really LOVE the Hamptons wristlet. It is very pricey, in fact, the 2 bags in the photo cost the same ($198 Mainland, $258 Hawaii)! But I use it all the time! It fits my cash (you can't really fit a wallet inside), credit cards, keys, cellphone, lipstick, little mirror, pocket knife, and sunglasses! I end up using it as a pochette more than a wristlet cause it gets kind of heavy with all that stuff in there as a wristlet. It's still in the regular price stores, but I'm sure it'll go to the outlets too. I'm gonna get a red one when it does!
  12. Oh that Legacy pouch is KILLING me... I want it soo badly, but I really want the Carly pouch too.
  13. Carly pouch is probably easier to get in and out of, but it doesn't have as many pockets. Of course, the Legacy pockets are rather small, the front turnlock one barely fits a full sized lipstick. Legacy does fit on my shoulder though, but it's kind of wide, so probably not comfy long-term.

    I was at lunch today with my new pouch and the waiter was trying to grab the little dish of butter and it flew across the table and the butter landed mere centimeters away from my brand new pouch! I was getting ready to have a fit and demand he buy me a new pouch, when he picked up the pouch and handed it to me safe and sound. Phew!!!!:sweatdrop:
  14. [ It's still in the regular price stores, but I'm sure it'll go to the outlets too. I'm gonna get a red one when it does![/quote]

    I want the bordeaux one, as well! Gorgeous color. I just think they are so classy looking...mini mirandas!:rolleyes: