I LOVE EBAY! they're here :)

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  1. Came home from disneyland! and lookie lookie..:love:My beautiful Jolie Noeud's. I had to get 39 because my foot is wide but it's still kind of tight... do you think socks will loosen them up? it's kind of big but the foot petals helped make it right :smile: Also, the bottom sole has a chip, does anyone have any recommendations? should I just leave it?

  2. Congrats! Great modeling pics and I love the effect with your red nail polish.
  3. They are so pretty! Since starting with CL's I bought on ebay a shoe stretcher that one of the girls recommended (sorry, can't remember who) and have stretched my own with great success. The sock thing hurts too much!!
  4. They look fantastic! I can't even see the chip in the pictures. Congratulations!
  5. they're so pretty but they look big.. i think you can get your regular size and get them widened at your cobbler. cuz at this rate, the width with get bigger as you wear them more and your feet will keep "scooting" up...
  6. They are gorgeous! I have really wide feet too. I don't know if you can stretch satin, but I would try the socks and see how it goes.
  7. They are simply beautiful congrats on your new darlings
    as for stretching them maybe you can wear them while your online so your foot can stretch them
  8. I like them!!
  9. lol, i'm online most of the day anyways! lol, good idea :smile:
  10. they look great! you can hardly see the chip, but i'd color it in with a red sharpie pen or plasti-dip.
  11. gorgeous.
    i just ordered the patent, however since it's d'orsay i should have sized down and i didn't. oh well, we'll see when they arrive...
  12. BojeyJay I use a red sharpie for touch ups too!
  13. I do not think that they look too big, I think that they look gorgeous!
  14. They look great!!!!!!!!
    The Joli is one of my ultimate favorite! Very cute & girly, but with a sexy twist!
    Dont worry about the chip, it will go away once you wear them anyways.
  15. Definitely gorgeous!! Congrats!