I Love Dior Lip Palette & 60th Anniversary Party

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  1. First up, I was surfing the sephora site and noticed this lovely little new dior lip palette which i reckon we'll all been coveting...

    the price seems pretty reasonable (compared to other dior beauty products) at $40. I wonder if any of you PF ladies have bought one yourself?

    next up, dior's 60th anniversary! was browsing the site (after not doing so for a LONG LONG time) and was nicely surprised with the new updates and photos from the glamorous dior anniversary party at ave montaigne. it's at dior.com for anyone who wants to view everything (include a tribute video to john galliano).

    here are a couple of the photos on the site:


    got to love that picture of karl lagerfeld, galliano and sharon stone! and i'm dead envious of delphine arnault, imagine all the dior bags and clothes she gets to wear.. FOR FREE!

    and last but certainly not least, there's a book on dior that's being sold in the boutiques now to commemorate the 60th anniversary. is anyone planning on buying it? i think i might ask about it when i pop by dior on wednesday for their sale. :graucho:

    dior anniversary 01.jpg dior anniversary 02.jpg dior anniversary 03.jpg dior anniversary 04.jpg dior anniversary book.jpg
  2. and some more photos! i absolutely love the black & white picture of monica bellucci, can the woman get any more stunning than that?! :tup: and the latest dior s/s 08 dress on sharon stone looks DIVINE!

    dior anniversary 05.jpg dior anniversary 06.jpg dior anniversary 07.jpg dior anniversary 08.jpg
  3. That lady dior is :drool:

    Love the romantique palette, I haven't seen this one.

    Here's another version I found on eBay:

  4. I just bought the same palette, but for eyes. It has four shadows, a creamy ivory, a coppery metallic, a rich brown with a little sparkle and a taupe colour. I love it! Great shadows and great quality mirror inside. Totally worth the money, IMO I saw the lip one as well and the colours look fab:smile:



  5. Now that is nice, like those colours.

    As usual we probably won't get them here for another ten years, just kidding we're not quite that bad :upsidedown:
  6. Well, they just arrived in the UK, so hopefully you will see some stock soon!:yes:
  7. Fingers crossed ;)

    The new dior extreme foundation I had to order overseas as we don't get it until January, we are a bit slow down here :nuts:

  8. Hello Zero....

    Wow! We must think alike. :heart: Just a little bit ago I posted these exact same pics (all of them) from the party within the celeb sticky thread. I almost started a new thead and decided to just post the pics within that thread. Great post... Happy Holidays! :love:
  9. I have the eye shadow palette which comes in a warm and cold colour range.
    They were on offer so I brought both the Heart Dior Charm is so cute!!!
  10. we call it "warm and cool" over here :p

    I like pinks does that make me cool :supacool:
  11. lol ..the pink color range is within the warm collection lol

    the blue and grey is the cold collection.

    just checked and it is indeed called "cold" not cool ;)
  12. Oh bugger, I thought I fit under the cool, oops excuse me cold category.

    Not as cool as I thought :girlsigh:
  13. whoa thanks for posting a picture of your eye shadow palette siri anne! i was on the fence about the lip palette colours, but looking at those eye shadow colours, i'm sold!

    and ultimatechic, it's pretty bad over here in singapore too, if a new item actually comes in at around the same time as it's being launched in US/UK, it's usually sold out in a blink of an eye and the next shipment of it will take a good ten years or twenty.

    p/s i'm so not a cool/cold girl. :sad: then again, i'll take comfort in (falsely) believing i'm warm/HOT kinda girl. LOL!
  14. you ARE hot miss kissable lips! ;)( thats what my SO said im not hitting on zero lol :roflmfao:! )
  15. Love the palette! So cute! :yes: